Friday, January 20, 2012

Review: Revenge

I enjoyed this book - I really did. I would have given it four stars, except...well I can't honestly explain why I didn't. Revenge is based on the classic, The Count of Monte Cristo and it gives you exactly what you would expect from the title.

The story surrounds a seemingly perfect young man named Ned who apparently has it all and the three young men who hate him for it. Each one is irritated by him or covets something he has that they don't. A prank meant to get him into trouble goes completely out of control. The remainder of the story involves Ned's terrible journey of losing himself only to transform himself into something that is purely for that revenge he seeks. What I like most about this book was that there is no hero, no clear winner. It made me wanting revenge for the main character, but once I had it, I was left feeling empty. This, however, was the point.

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