Monday, May 14, 2012

Manwha Review (4)

- Park So-hee

Goong is a unique tale of a young creative, normal high school girl, Chae-Gyung Shin and her journey to becoming the Crown Princess of Korea. All this is due to a promise that was made between the former king of Korea and Chae-Gyung's grandfather. But how can she handle being torn from her ordinary life to being married to the seemingly cold-hearted Crown Prince, Shin Lee?

There are some individuals that don't want to see this marriage and royal partnership come into full fruition, and they will do anything to stop it. 

I'm on volume 5 of this manwha (the Korean version of manga, if you will) and I am absolutely obsessed with it!  You might think you know where this story is headed, but trust me when I say, it throws you some curve balls. It is a widely entertaining coming of age story with more than one twist!

If your interest goes beyond the words on the page, you'll be happy to know that this manwha was also created into a Korean drama, Goong or Princess Hours:

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