Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Zine Review (7)

Quiet Club #1
by Polly

"I could see her fuming inside with anger and insult,
keeping it in as if it were not right to protest."

This zine first comes off as an eye-opening, semi-political zine centered around what has been said about women in our society. Namely, women's reproductive rights. And although this issue of the zine is that, it's also much more. As a woman, I know that these issues exist - of course I do! But there is something about seeing it gathered up like this, mixed with the zine author's accounts that make it all too real. 

There is a mix of visual tools used: patterns, advertisements, backgrounds - all used to accompany an element of each piece of writing. 

"That's partly what this zine is about, actually.
Being brave and being loud, putting my thoughts out into the open,
even though I'm scared."

I recommend this zine for anyone who has been (1) curious about what others think women should do with their own bodies (be ready...you'll get angry. I know I did) and/or (2) too quiet or shy to speak up. It's refreshing to read someone's venture into the "being loud."

Quiet Club #2
by Polly

"I don't need an excuse not to talk to someone."

In this issue of the zine, the author appears to be more comfortable with her medium and her own voice. It seems that her voice is more entwined within the work, making it more about who she is. 

"Meanwhile, I'm sitting over in the corner frozen solid
except for my mouth, which has permanently affixed smile 
in case anyone happens to glance over at me. 'There, I smiled at you!'"

This zine issue is so much more personal and it's what makes it resounding - ironic to what its title implies. At one point in the zine, the author offers a series of issues to which she would be open to talking about - inviting the reader to begin a dialogue with her. This is an interesting engagement that I would love to embark in!

Again, this issue has unique layouts for sections, making the background a part of the author's story.

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