Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Getting Roosevelt -- A Homeowner's Nightmare
by Yvonne Mikell
Author's website:
Date Published: January 2012
Pages: 238
ISBN -13: 978-1469958569

Book Synopsis

Roosevelt, an old Victorian nestled on the border of upscale Chestnut Hill and middle-class Mt. Airy, is the obsession of two people, Elizabeth Samms and Gordon Roosevelt. Gordon is a realtor who likes to flip properties. Handy man Donovan Smith helps his employer, Gordon Roosevelt eliminate prospective buyers who do not live up to his standards. Protagonist Emma Samms and her autistic son love the house and are willing to fight for it. Will Gordon relinquish control?


The story is about a woman, Elizabeth Samms, who has recently become a widow and single mother to her six year old son, Desmond. Her son has special needs and is also experiencing a particularly difficult time because of his father's death. 

Months after her husband’s death, Elizabeth finds a large home called Roosevelt. The house appears to be everything she has wanted for her family. It is described as an old Victorian. Little does Elizabeth know, however, that many secrets revolve around Roosevelt. These secrets bring people into her life that she never would have otherwise known and they are looking to stir up trouble for Elizabeth and her son. The longer the two stay in the home, the deeper they find themselves in the entanglement that is Roosevelt. 

The author gives an in-depth look into the life of a single woman with many worries on the mind. She does a fine job of describing the frustration and determination of the character. Mikell did a wonderful job in expressing the greed that any person can find themselves in if they don't stop to think about what they are doing. I would have liked a deeper look into some of the characters, including Desmond. However,  I think that the main idea of the story gives us the best way of knowing who these characters are. 

About Yvonne

“I love writing. I love to write about the ups and downs of life. Most of my stories are fiction with facts loosely weaved in. These facts can come from my own life or from news headlines. My first novel, Getting Roosevelt--a homeowner's nightmare, is a combination of all three. My novels also tend to portray a protagonist with a lot on her plate. This mirrors my own life, I'm always performing a juggling act. I currently write three columns for What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.”

Getting Roosevelt is available in paperback and Kindle Edition on Amazon.

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