Monday, October 1, 2012

Manga Review (5)

Demon Love Spell Vol 1
- Mayu Shinjo

Release Day: December 4, 2012


This story is about Miko, a young girl whose ancestors have all been protectors of the Otsubaki shrine. It is in Miko's blood to exorcise demons and protect others - except Miko can't sense them like her parents and those before her can. 

Then, one day, Miko meets Kagura - an extremely powerful demon with the face and body of a handsome young man. However, it doesn't matter what he looks like, he's a demon and Miko's duty is to exorcise demons...right?


Demon Love Spell Vol 1 is a comedic, fun and romantic manga that I was very grateful to review! Miko is loveable as an "almost-failure" demon slayer who gets sucked in by Kagura's charm. Kagura is an extremely likeable demon who gets his energy from the sensual vitality of young women. When Miko catches Kagura "in the act," she casts an incantation to get rid of him...with hilarious results! It doesn't take long for Miko to realize, however, that getting rid of a demon is not as easy as she thought it would be.

What could have been dismissed as another "playboy" romance (in this case, a demon playboy...), turned out to be an endearing and comedic story of a boy and girl who need each other for more than just love or infatuation, but for survival as well. If you're a fan of romantic comedies - this one is for you!

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