Saturday, November 10, 2012

Review: Defining Moments

Defining Moments

by Faye Hicks


Scientist Ellie Ward has discovered a window to the past.  

In fact, she discovered it at her childhood home when she was nine and she’s been using it to extract herself from bad situations ever since.  Each time it's returned her to the 'defining moment' in her past - the point in time where a bad decision set her on the path to tragedy.  The problem is, Ellie never knows what her defining moments were and so she never has any idea how much of her life she's going to have to repeat to avoid her latest ordeal.  

When Ellie’s work takes her to a remote area of northern Canada, she faces yet another crisis when her small plane crashes in the bush.  Seriously injured and stranded more than 2000 miles from her portal to the past, this time Ellie has no way to rewind the clock.


This book truly awakened the imagination - can you imagine, going back and changing bits of your life? Heck, imagine being able to go back and experience it all! That's what Hicks does in this story - she gives her character the ability to return to points in her past. However, it all goes awry when Ellie is forced into a situation in which returning to her past is not an option. 

I enjoyed the style in which this story is written. It reads much like a diary and there is something about the thoughtfulness of it that makes you feel like you have that personal link to the characters in the book. It really made me think about how there are these moments in all our lives - moments that can change everything. We just don't know it yet. Hicks does a wonderful job of entangling the reader with these feelings and making her characters come alive. 

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I try not to give too much away - that's what reading for yourself is for! So, if you are interested in a story that is character driven and allows you to take a vacation from reality, this is definitely for you!

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