Tuesday, March 19, 2013

100 Things in 2013

Although this is primarily a book blog, I really enjoyed this idea my friend Sage is putting into action on her blog - thought I'd do the same! 

100 Things in 2013

1. Re-watch all of Gilmore Girls
2. Draw at least 5 finished pieces
3. Read more! (goal is 100 books!)
4. Make "warm fuzzies" and leave them around for people to find (kind notes)
5. Go to the movies by myself.
6. Make kimchi
7. Make altar art (inspiration from Sage!)
8. Write at least ten postcards
9. Go to the ABQ Zine Fest and meet Sage!
10. Finish my Doctor Who fanfic
11. Take a train somewhere
12. Take myself out to lunch.
13. Own a typewriter - a nice retro one :D
14. Write in my journal 
15. Get an awesome job - one that suits my career goal
16. Stand in the ocean
17. Take more photos 
18. Learn Korean!
19. Buy a plant and keep it alive. 
20. Drink coffee and read a book at a coffee shop. By myself. 
21. Make and keep an inventory of my books
22. Travel to 5 places
23. Get a newer car
24. Get a tattoo!
25. Take extra counseling classes 
26. Clean out ALL of my inboxes
27. Organize my LiveJournal and get back into it
28. Make collages again
29. Take a roadtrip
30. For one day, just stay in bed. 
31. Take my nephew on a book and video game spree.
32. Take my nieces on a book and power rangers and Mickey Mouse spree.
33. Gift myself books for my birthday - no feeling guilty allowed!
34. Get a pedicure.
35. Go to the mall by myself. And actually shop.
36. Fill up a sketchbook. 
37. Create a watercolor to frame for the apartment. 
38. Give up soda for a month.
39. Go to Ikea.
40. Make more videos and get more involved in the YouTube booktuber community.
41. Write essays again! At least 5 this year.
42. Read Infinite Jest. Oh gosh.
43. Watch City of Bones on OPENING DAY.
44. Two words. Musical. Marathon. 
45. Pay off one of my debts. At least.
46. Buy myself a fancy powder/foundation thing.
47. Watch Itazura na Kiss, Taiwanese version. Finally.
48. Read and review more books!
49. Watch Anne of Green Gables from start to finish. In one sitting.
50. Three words. Doctor. Who. Marathon.

*Caution. I will probably add to this because...only 50 things? How sad. 

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