Thursday, October 3, 2013

Top Shelf Short Story: Beyond the Door

Short Story: Beyond the Door

CollectionPhilip K. Dick: Short Stories
Author: Philip K. Dick


Dear reader, this review is a day late. 

That's all. Seriously, what did you expect? 

Anyway, I've never read anything by Philip K. Dick and even though this was a very simple and very short story, it intrigued me to read more of his work. This story is about a man, Larry, who buys a cuckoo clock for his wife. Larry is not the most sensitive husband in the world which is why most people, and this particular clock, don't like him. 

You read right. The clock does not like Larry. The birdie inside refuses to come out for him but adores his wife. So when Larry kicks his wife out of the house...well, the birdie doesn't like that at all. 

As I said, it's a REALLY short story, but effective in its storytelling. It has that mystery/horror element that gets me (especially during this time).


Read it! It's short and fun :)

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