Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Book Blitz: Chasing the Storm

Chasing the Storm
by Martin Molsted

ISBN (mobi): 978-82-93316-03-9.


Genre: Thriller (with a hint of mystery and a tiny dash of romance)

Publisher: EdgeRunner Publishing - Publisher 978-82-93316.

Publication date (eBook - Amazon world-wide): November 27th 2013. Other distributors will be announced in early 2014. Hardcover and Paperbacks also coming 2014.

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About the Author

Chasing the Storm is Martin Molsted's debut novel, although he has been actively engaged in writing shorter fiction, as well as screenplays since 2009. When he is not working as an Archivist in a Fortune 500 engineering company, he writes fiction and non-fiction.
He enjoys playing music, singing, travelling, nice food, great wine, tasty beer, hot rods and awesome custom built motorcycles.
Martin Molsted lives in Asker, a small town between the greater cities Oslo and Drammen, in eastern Norway. He lives together with his French wife and their two daughters. No cats. No dogs.
He is currently working on the storylines for a trio of further Rygg & Marin thrillers, so stay tuned for more compelling and intriguing action.
Find out more about Martin Molsted and his works of fiction at , ,, or Twitter @molsted.

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