Friday, November 15, 2013

Zine Review: Pieces #8.5

Pieces #8.5: 24 Hour Zine 
by Nichole and Laura


I absolutely love reading and reviewing zines. I don't remember how I got into them, but I know that I love having glimpses of other people's worlds. And the 24 hour zines that I come across are fantastic. 

This issue of Pieces is actually a split zine between Nichole and her mother, Laura. 

Okay, first of all - these ladies rock. 

Seriously. The first pages of both zines have to do with library-love. As an individual who didn't get to go to the library as a kid (I first stepped foot into a library when I was a late-teens teenager), reading about someone else growing up in that world made me simultaneously jealous and happy. 

I'm probably biased, as I adore books, but I really enjoyed reading those memories from both perspectives of mother and daughter. Each author put a lot of themselves and each other into their works and it makes it that much more enjoyable to read. 

Each side of the zine is filled with memories or tidbits of the author. I specially liked this:

Because of how true it is, but also because the reader can tell that the authors held onto a part of themselves from when they were younger - and that is what makes this split zine so entertaining and heart-warming to read. 


Uh, read it. DUH. No, but seriously, if the reader wants something nostalgic, sweet and creative - this is your zine. I suggest reading Nichole's side first, just because it's really great to read her mother's take on the memory afterward.

Look for this zine and many others at my friend Sage's distro, Sweet Candy Distro!

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