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Review: Invoking Nonna

Invoking Nonna
by Sage Adderley

Series: Triple Goddess Series (Book 1) Paperback: 186 pages 
Publisher: Sweet Candy Press; 1ST edition (December 20, 2013) 
Language: English 
ISBN-10: 0989709825 
ISBN-13: 978-0989709828 

Book Synopsis

Maggie Sloan is a free-spirited teenager growing up in rural Georgia. Unlike her peers, Maggie is a witch and so is her mother. In addition to normal teenager rites of passage, she must learn about her family lineage and witchcraft. Her mother, Laura, keeps a tight lid on their family secrets - like the mysterious life and death of her grandmother who passed away before Maggie was born. 

Practicing the craft will test solid friendships and introduce Maggie to new realms. While seeking the truth about herself and her family, Maggie is faced with danger from churchgoing classmates who will stop at nothing to make sure she is found out. Laura and Maggie strengthen their bond through witchcraft and work together to overcome their enemies. Are their magical gifts enough to keep them safe? 

Invoking Nonna is the first book in the Triple Goddess series.


Okay - I'm going to just be honest with you dear reader - I'm biased when it comes to this book. Why, do you ask? Well, for one, the author (the lovely Ms Sage) is a dear friend of mine and two, I helped edit this book. See? Aren't you happy how honest I am?

With that said, I'm also honest. If I DIDN'T like this book, I would be very vague so as not to hurt my dear friend's feelings. HOWEVER, that is not the case because I loved this book!

Maggie is an honest, true-to-herself young woman who has come to identify as a witch, just as her mother does. This would be great, except that Maggie's mother is extremely private - often keeping Maggie more than an arms length away. This makes it difficult for Maggie to understand where she comes from, but it doesn't dissuade her from knowing who she wants to become. 

Maggie is a wonderful character - one that can be looked up to. I quite enjoyed the evolution of the relationship between Maggie and her mother the most :)

Mix the need of self-discovery with learning about the tolerance (or lack thereof) of others and you, reader, have a wonderful book to get yourself lost in. The best part? It's only the beginning of Maggie's story (it's only the first in a series!). 


Read it, of course. This book is great for anyone, but I would especially recommend it to pre-teens and teens who are in the process of self-discovery themselves. 

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