Monday, February 10, 2014

Top Shelf Short Stories: His Delivery Chick

No, this is not the cover of the story.
This is lovely Pusheen.

His Delivery Chick
by Entice_

Okay so I had this brilliant idea earlier - if I'm reading short stories, why not also read some from independent authors (i.e. not yet published/internet peeps). I actually think I want to read an indie story a day for next month. But I digress.

I thought, why not read at least one for this short story month? So I chose a cute one because my day has not been very cute.

I chose "His Delivery Chick" located at  Entice_'s Wattpad. It's a really cute story! I think young adults would like this best, but I thought it was a good pick me up for a not so good day. It's basically about Maxine, a girl who delivers pizza, and Nick, a well-off guy who orders and seemingly eats pizzas. Maxine and Nick have a run in one day when Maxine delivers a pizza to Nick's house. Some misunderstandings later and you have the budding love story. 

I have to be honest - when I started reading the story, I thought it was finished. I don't think it is. I'm going to go with my gut and say it isn't. So, you may ask, why am I writing about it - well, one because I totally thought it was finished and two, because even if it's not, it's a cute story and the author would benefit from feedback so she can mold her story. Every story worth telling evolves, so hopefully this helps her. 

Now, we're talking about a work that probably doesn't go through as many edits as your average published work. So, there are typos and some sentences that need to be looked at. It needs to be polished and have some details added here and there. That is coming from a reader and former writing tutor. No one's writing is perfect, that is why we re-write re-write re-write. 


I am enjoying the story and plan to stay tuned for any future added chapters. It's definitely worth taking a look!

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