Friday, February 28, 2014

Review: Heavy Hangs the Head

Heavy Hangs the Head
by Taryn Hipp


Heavy Hangs the Head is a memoir novella about a woman with an addiction, a mental illness, and a feminist identity. It is the story of one woman's journey from anxiety-ridden child to delinquent teenager to divorced alcoholic. This is the story of how she turned all those years of experiences into a beautiful existence.


I've read this book twice, which should tell you something. I don't often re-read anything since I'd rather read something new each time. Hipp's book is about the journey she took from an emotionally unstable childhood to a self-destructive adulthood until finally arriving at a time in her life where she could accept and love herself. The author doesn't leave any stone unturned and is able to express in the easiest and most delicate way her struggle at learning how to live. 

I very much enjoyed reading this book and believe anyone could benefit from Hipp's story. Although her story revolves around gaining sobriety, it doesn't mean the story won't appeal to the "average" reader. If anything, it inspired me. It taught me that it doesn't matter how old someone is, or even what has happened in their past, but rather what they do with what they have now. It's a powerful message and one that Hipp expresses so well in her book. 


I'll give my common warning: there's sex, drinking, etc. etc. Honestly? What the reader gets from the story is so much more than these "labels" we put in warnings. I loved this book and I believe readers of all ages will get something from it. It doesn't glorify drinking or anything like that, it tells the reader the truth - something so rare and highly appreciated. 

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