Sunday, February 9, 2014

Zine Review: Echo! Echo! #10

Echo! Echo! #10
by Keet Geniza

First of all, can we talk about this cover? The awesomeness of this cover? I may be biased (let's create a drinking game where you, reader, take a drink of any beverage of your choice whenever you read "I may be biased..." on my blog), but I love the blending of red and orange. It just pops out and looks fantastic.

Okay, now that the geeky artsy part of me has  had its fun, let's get to the actual zine. This zine has a great mix of everything. It has a fantastic quote (Margaret Atwood, 'nut said), comics, personal entries and a little something else. Geniza talks about thrifting with her father, writing/discovering zines and even a bit about trying to be a loyal anime fan. 

"For the rest of the year, zines became my only obsession. I walked around giddy and wakeful and excited about the possibilities."

I found all of the zine, whether Geniza was talking about her dad, anime fandom or telling a story, truly inspiring. Something that really helped along with that was the fantastic illustrations that accompanied the work. Whether it was the comic strip or the additions to the entries - they added a level to the work that

Anyway, don't take my word for it, go check it out. If you like personal zines with a lil of everything, you'll love this. 

Check out this zine and many other's at my friend Sage's Sweet Candy Distro.


  1. Can we please talk about how CUTE your zine review banner is? *swoon*

    1. I'm so happy you mentioned it! lol I just want to gush about it, really :) I get "banner happy" and sometimes it's bad, but most of the time it's good :D And thank you!