Monday, July 14, 2014

Just Take My Money.

Can we take a moment and talk about the craziness that is my Book Wish List on Amazon??? As if I don't have a lot of books already. I am an addict.

But anyway - I wanted to highlight some books I'm looking forward to getting and reading!

First up is Louise Erdrich's Books & Islands in Ojibwe Country. When I was a undergrad and had to take "filler classes" in order to receive financial aid (that's right), I decided to take a couple of lit classes because I was a Psych major and didn't know where else to fit some lit classes haha. Both were taught by the same professor, who was/is AWESOME. The first class was Intro to American Fiction and the second was Native American Literature. I loved both classes, but the Native American Lit course was, and remains, the absolute best class ever. It was through that class that I was introduced to Erdrich's writing and the emotion that her writing gives me has stayed with me ever since. 

This book is already out now - I suggest giving this author a read.

Now, some books I'm looking forward to owning after they release...

All I've read about Zac & Mia is that it resembles Eleanor & Park as well as The Fault in Our Stars.



I'm sold. Just take my money. 

I'm not entirely sure how Amity is going to work, but I'm a big fan of horror and especially the weirdness that is Amityville horror. With that said - you know I'm looking forward to this. 

Conversion is apparently about a series of symptoms/illnesses plaguing the teenage girl population at a boarding school. These symptoms, however, have a striking resemblence to those experieced during the Salem witch trials.

It sounds creepy - I'm in.

This one is out now - hope to get it as soon as the cash flow comes haha

Hope you enjoyed this new type of post! Talk to me - I feel like conversing with my online people...if I HAVE online people....

Also, thinking of starting up my book channel on YouTube again...

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