Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Review: Pennies for the Damned

Pennies for the Damned
by Edward Lorn

Ex-hitman Larry Laughlin got out of Mexico alive, but now he’s a haunted man. The final step to laying his ghosts to rest requires killing his newly paroled father. Before he can take action, though, a trio of killers break into Larry’s house, and he overhears their plan to murder his brother, Jaime, too. Old habits kick in, and Larry emerges the sole survivor. But while he’s gathering hidden funds to finance his plans, he’s ambushed by an unlikely traveling companion: a young abused teen named Brooklyn, who refuses to be left behind.

Larry and Brooklyn set out to save his brother and complete his patricidal task, but one wrong misstep drops yet another aching tragedy on Larry’s burdened shoulders. Nearly mad with his hunger for vengeance, Larry seeks his final nemesis in the heart of New York City. But what he finds will threaten more than just his life: Larry Laughlin damned himself long ago.


A great story of revenge and an unexpected ally (friend?). Larry Laughlin is fresh out of Mexico and is now looking to take on some revenge. During the madness, he meets Brooklyn - a teenager who has seen the dark side of life.

I enjoyed the story overall, especially that we learn more about Laughlin's history - but I think Brooklyn really made the story for me. She's a breath of fresh air and offers some humor to the story. The theme of abuse runs deep throughout the story, but it does not deter from enjoying the story. Either way - I believe that tough themes give depth to a story. It is the reader that decides to understand or turns away.

Overall, an entertaining story. Keep in mind that this is book 2 of a series. It can stand alone, but if you're anything like me - you'll want to read this in order.

About the Author

Edward Lorn is an American horror author presently residing in the southeast United States. He enjoys storytelling, reading, and writing biographies in the third person.

Once upon a time, during a session of show and tell, a seven-year-old Edward Lorn shared with his class that his baby brother had died over the weekend. His classmates, the teacher included, wept while he recanted the painful tragedy of having lost a sibling. Edward went home that day and found an irate mother waiting for him. Edward's teacher had called to express her condolences. This was unfortunate, as Edward had never had a baby brother.

With advice given to her by a frustrated teacher, Edward's mother made him start writing all of his lies down. The rest, as they say, is history.

Edward Lorn and his wife are raising two children, along with a handful of outside cats and a beagle named Dot. He remains a liar to this day. The only difference is, now he's a useful one.

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