Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bookish Thought of the Day: Scary Stories

So - I was just minding my business today when I was told that Annabelle from The Conjuring and Annabelle prequel movies was on campus. What??? That's pretty cool for the university that I work at - awesome! (pssst! If I get to see her, I'll update this post with a photo)

Of course, the talk quickly turned to horror movies and real life ghost stories which reminded me to search for "horror books" on Pinterest. Every year I get in the mood for scary stories around this time and even until after Halloween - but the holiday always seems to pass me by even though it is my favorite one. 

I refuse to let this Halloween pass me by! I am determined to not only read a bunch of scary books and stories, but also to watch a bunch of horror movies. I'll blog about them as I go. I've already been assigned some books to review which is no problem - I will do as promised - but from here until early November - my focus will be on all things horror! So hit me with your recommendations - film or book - and I will add them to my list. Once I compile a good looking list, I'll make sure to share. Let the scares begin!

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