Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Book Spotlight: Deceived

By Averielle Lynch

Isabelle will be forced to face reality when she discovers a secret that will change her entire world. Who can she trust when nothing is as it seems and so many lies have surfaced. Will love continue to have a place in her heart? How can she pick up the pieces of her life and move past such a horrible discovery? How will Noah handle his entire world crumbling right before him? Will Professor Craven's worst nightmare come true? Being deceived is a feeling everyone knows far too well.

About the Author

Averielle is a southern girl from North Carolina that enjoys spending her days writing stories that you can visualize and feel. Aside from YA romance, she enjoys mystery, crime and drama genres. There's nothing more relaxing for her than to dive into a new book while cuddled beside her Yorkie, Londyn. Blondie brownies and cheesecake are her addictions, so she probably munched on one of the two while writing her latest book. Averielle currently resides in the DMV area and is enjoying every moment of it. 

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