Monday, August 29, 2011

Manga Review (1)

Itazura na Kiss 
- Kaoru Tada

Itazura na Kiss: Volume One by Kaoru Tada is a fantastic manga! The story is basically about this young girl, Kotoko, who is in love with her (much more intellectual) fellow classmate, Naoki. Not only is he smarter, but he's more popular and practical where Kotoko is a trouble-maker. However, the character of Kotoko is that of a sweet teenage girl who is all heart.

It starts when Kotoko gives Naoki a letter confessing her admiration and love for him - and gets flat out rejected. That is supposedly the end of the story until Kotoko's badly built new home is destroyed in a minor earthquake. She is then forced to move in with her father's old childhood friend - who just happens to be Naoki's dad! Talk about a nightmare and fantasy come true for poor Kotoko.

I don't know much about manga and this is actually the first one that I've read. I can honestly say that I love the characters of Kotoko and Naoki (though he makes me want to hit him lol). With that said, I recommend to lovers of manga, the romantic comedy and to anyone who is curious about the manga medium, but who has yet to pick one up. This is definitely a great starter!

  As a side note, this manga has been around for awhile and has, therefore, been made in other mediums. One that I recently watched was the Korean dramedy version called Playful Kiss or Mischievous Kiss.

In the Korean version, the main characters are named Oh Ha Ni and Baek Seung Jo. This dramedy does not stray far from the manga (in what I have read of the first volume) and is equally enjoyable. It is currently available in Netflix streaming as well as HuluPlus. I definitely recommend this to drama/comedy lovers!

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