Thursday, August 11, 2011

Zine Review (1)

Short reviews on some zines. You can see them in my newest video

Brilliant Mistake #4/Your Secretary #8
by Carrie & Jami Sailor

"Let's return to When Harry Met Sally [...] I wish you were my Harry  but you're not."

"Did you write 'I hate you' on everyone's Valentine?"

An absolutely brilliant compilation zine that is basically a narrative about relationships. It has everything from crushes when the authors were younger to crushes as adults. It's interesting to see how even though we grow older, some things don't change. It is a great love letter to the idea of love and others who are important to us. There aren't always happy endings or coincidences, but they all serve as a lesson - something that is similar to all our lives.  

Your Secretary #5
by Jami Sailor

"It's a balancing act which still needs practice."

Diabetes has become a household name for many people. In this zine, Jami does a wonderful job of talking about her own experiences with diabetes which include her family and camp stories. What I enjoyed most was that she included snippets of her camp life, such as what she experienced in camp (not all about diabetes) and how she takes care of herself. The latter is actually very beneficial for everyone as it describes easy ways to take care of ourselves.

Your Secretary #7/Playing Victim #4
by Jami Sailor & Brittany

"...if nothing else, this year has been all about learning boundaries, my own and everyone else's."

"He's changed more than the Smurfs have!"

This is a split zine and both have at the center the themes of what firsts or events happened in 2010 and what both authors expect in 2011. This zine got me thinking about my own little moments that make up my life and I would expect it to do the same for whoever reads them. Everything from traveling, going to zinefests and even the first haircut of the year is in this zine. It's the little moments that make up the bigger ones after all. I also enjoyed Jami's distinction between resolutions and goals - resolutions are usually made once a year, but one can have goals forever :)

You can find these zines and many others at my friend Sage's distro:
  Sweet Candy Distro

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