Saturday, January 28, 2012

Manga Review (2)

Death Note
- Tsugumi Ohba

Death Note, created by writer Tsugumi Ohba and manga artist Takeshi Obata, is probably one of the most popular manga out there. There is an anime and movies based on it (more about that later). 

The story revolves around a genius young adult, Light Yagami, and his encounter with a sinister-looking notebook that he discovers is a Death Note. It is basically a notebook belonging to the shinigami, the death gods. As soon as he touches it, however, his life is changed forever. All of a sudden Light can see the owner of his Death Note, the shinigami Ryuk and he now has the power to bring death to anyone he chooses. Light wastes no time in using his new found powers for good...or so he thinks.

Enter L, the mysterious young man in charge of all the sudden deaths that people around the world are succumbing to. L is pretty sure there is something ominous going on and he needs the help of Japan's finest to help him.

I enjoyed all the characters in this first volume to varying degrees. Of course, Light and L are the main characters, but I loved the interactions with the shinigami, Ryuk. It's a fast-paced manga that brings about much thought as well as entertainment. It allows the reader to honestly think what their reaction to finding such a power tool would be. I'm not too sure it's as black and white as we may think it is. 

There is a fantastic story here and it will appeal to anyone who is into a well told story with twists and turns (it also has no romance whatsoever so far - if that's what you're into!). This is based on the first volume of the Black Edition series (it contains volumes 1 & 2) - all together there are 6 Black Edition volumes. 

If after you're reading (or if you don't want to wait till then), you still want more L & Light - check out the anime (box set; volume 1):


And there are 3 related live action movies (I have only seen the first - and I enjoyed it):

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