Friday, January 27, 2012

Zine Review (3)

Pieces #6: On Commuting
by Nichole

"I asked myself multiple  times today, 'Why did I get a job again?' and the answer I got every time was: 'You were more lonely than not.'"

I always look forward to text heavy zines. They tell me, without even reading them, that I'm going to listen to stories that were worth writing down - stories that mean something to someone.  And this zine did not disappoint.

The reader will find an abridged version of the author's commuting journal within its pages. For 3 months, Nichole traveled from her home in Indiana to her job in Chicago and this zine chronicles her feelings about having to wake up every morning at 5 am only to return at 7 pm with hardly any time left for herself. It also describes her observations of others around her as well as those she interacted with. There is a sprinkle of photos, all aimed towards The South Shore, the electrically powered commuter train that served as her transportation. Above all, I enjoyed the questioning the author dealt with and the challenge  she posed for herself - as a sort of personal development. 

"It pops in my head when the discomfort settles a little too deep, but I realize change is necessary not really to survive, but to thrive."

I recommend this zine to anyone interested in catching a glimpse into someone else's life. It was truly interesting in its observation and even made me want to keep a diary! Overall, a very inspiring story for the full time worker in all of us. 

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