Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Zine Review (2)

Comic Tales: 
by D. Patrick

Don't Feel So Hot 

"Places that are magical with two become less enchanting when you're alone on a Sunday afternoon."

That line alone would make the entire zine worth it for me - that is, if it wasn't already filled with fantastic stories accompanied by raw drawings that pull you into the author's story. This zine is packed full of stories from real life events. They contain recollections from childhood, walks down memory lane as well as instances that will leave the reader chuckling with empathy. Who doesn't have memories that seem average at first but end up being the ones that stand out the most? This zine is a collection of exactly those types of stories. The tidbits on observations are absolutely wonderful as well. My favorite was the one where the observation took place in a library! It made me want to take an even closer look at the people around me. I recommend this zine to anyone who enjoys comics and content related to true life. 

Economy Cookies

"30 years old & I'm drawing comics at the library! Should I be taking a child to swimming lessons or shopping at Rona?"

Another wonderful line that encompasses my introspection when looking at others from the outside in. This zine collection contains another set of often comical, but an entirely real point of view and stories from the author's life. This volume contains observations of visiting a corner store with an interesting selection in reading material, an afternoon spent zine-making in the library, the legend of the economy cookie and so much more. The author brings about another array of memories (in the form of comics) to get lost in.

You can find these zines and many others at my friend Sage's distro:
  Sweet Candy Distro

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