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Interview: Sage Adderley - Author of Invoking Nonna

Invoking Nonna
by Sage Adderley

Note: As you can see, dear reader, I am running late on this interview! No fear because my good friend Sage, author of the lovely book Invoking Nonna (how AWESOME is that?) has been quite understanding of my lateness. Now, onto the good stuff!

Book Synopsis  

Maggie Sloan is a free-spirited teenager growing up in rural Georgia. Unlike her peers, Maggie is a witch and so is her mother. In addition to normal teenager rites of passage, she must learn about her family lineage and witchcraft. Her mother, Laura, keeps a tight lid on their family secrets - like the mysterious life and death of her grandmother who passed away before Maggie was born. 

Practicing the craft will test solid friendships and introduce Maggie to new realms. While seeking the truth about herself and her family, Maggie is faced with danger from churchgoing classmates who will stop at nothing to make sure she is found out. Laura and Maggie strengthen their bond through witchcraft and work together to overcome their enemies. Are their magical gifts enough to keep them safe? 


 1. What inspired you to write a book about a strong teen who becomes/realizes she’s Wiccan? 

 I love YA novels, but it’s rare you come across a teen character that practices witchcraft in modern times without some fantastical theme or character, like dragons or witches flying on broomsticks. I enjoy fantasy stories, but I wanted to depict a teen girl who happens to practice Wicca in present day. I also wanted to show how hard it can be to publicly practice a religion other than Christianity, especially in the deep south of the US. 

 2. How did you do your research for the Wiccan details in your story? It’s detailed in the best way! 

 Thank you! I’ve been reading about Wicca since I was a teenager. So, roughly twenty years. I’ve always been drawn to Pagan spirituality, so I am very familiar with Wicca. I also took advantage of books at my local library. 

 3. I love that you used the library! Many young adult authors appear pressured to include a love story in their books – was this something you considered for Invoking Nonna? 

 Well, I didn’t want a love story, but I was concerned this would be an issue for readers because it’s extremely common in most young adult books these days to have a romance and/or love triangle. Actually, I am surprised by how many people have commented that it’s refreshing not to have a love interest for Maggie. Who knows what the future has in store for Maggie, but right now, her family is the main focus. 

 4. I know I definitely appreciated how strong Maggie was without a male counterpart. Maggie and her best friend are so different – was that difficult for you to write as your story moved forward? 

 Not really. I wanted them to have a good connection while maintaining their own identities. I think that is important. 

 5. Definitely! Also, the mother/daughter relationship is dealt with heavily in your book – something that many women can sympathize with. Why did you pick this particular theme to center your story around? 

 I think many readers can relate to the issue of disconnect with their parents. I wanted to show a particular situation that could be mended between a mother and daughter no matter how bleak things seemed to be. 

 6. In general, what motivated you to write your story? What motivates you to continue? 

 Fun fact about how the story started - The first scene I wrote for the book was about the family of healers that have a magical shop set up at the local flea market. They were my inspiration. I built the Sloan family around Ana and Claudia. I have to continue because there is so much more to this family. More secrets, more pain, more love … and more magic! 

 7. We know you can’t tell us everything, but can you give any hint as to where Maggie’s story is going? 

For you, I will give some hints. In book two we will delve deeper into “the curse” and I think readers will learn more about Maggie’s father, too. The dynamic between Ruby and Maggie has changed, I’ll be touching on that. 

8. Thank you for the exclusive! Do you have any other projects in the works? 

Aside from writing book two of the Triple Goddess Series, I am also churning some ideas for a preschool story that I have in my brain. 

Many thanks to author, Sage Adderley, for taking the time to answer my questions and providing us an inside look into her world of Invoking Nonna. If you haven't read it, keep reading this to find out where you can order your copy today!

Book Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5Dnc1YczF0 

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About the Author

Sage Adderley is a single (and very busy) mom of three humans and one cat. She is passionate about kindness, coffee, mental health, fat activism, and the DIY lifestyle. 

Sage is the owner of Sweet Candy Distro & Press, Sage's Blog Tours, and writes the zines Tattooed Memoirs and Marked For Life. She is also the creator of FAT-TASTIC! 

Sage currently resides in the magical land of Olympia, Wa.

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