Sunday, February 16, 2014

Top Shelf Short Stories: Descent of the Wayward Sister

Descent of the Wayward Sister
by Gabrielle Harbowy

Yeah, you read right...erotica.

Double yeah, you read right...Cthulhurotica. 

I never EVER would have read anything in this book about a week ago. And now I'm considering buying the ebook (I read this from an Amazon sample) - all because of Bonnie Burton from Vaginal Fantasy. This online book group has made me become more open-minded in what I read.

So - that's how Cthulhurotica happens. 

First, a little background for those of you who may not now what a Cthulhu is. Cthulhu is this this creature (or type of creature) created by H.P. Lovecraft. It's basically this creature with tentacles (see cover of this book). 

Now, onto the story. It was a steamy interesting read. It surprised me because it had the idea of attraction and/or lust at the center of it instead of the story being about attaining a man. The story takes place during the time of servants and before televisions. It is about a woman who is staying at her brother's place for awhile. The woman becomes bored because her brother is never around and she is never introduced to anyone else who visits the home. 

One day, she's roaming the home and then hears a pleading coming from the basement. Thinking that a maid has locked herself in, the woman heads down to help her. What she finds goes beyond anything she could possibly imagine. 

I found this story to be interesting and unlike anything I've read. Of course, I don't read much erotica, but I found the monster link to be a great twist (even though I knew it was going to happen). Also, I don't know if the stories are meant to have some humor in them, but the last sentence of this story made me laugh out loud - in a good way. 


Obviously skip if you're not into erotica, much less monster erotica. However, if you're feeling adventurous, try a sample from Amazon and see what you think!

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