Friday, September 26, 2014

Short Story Friday: The Hot Girl's Friend

The Hot Girl's Friend
by Lisa Scott

from Flirts Vol 1: 5 Romantic Short Stories


It really hadn't occurred to me to find contemporary romance short stories. I've always thought of short stories as being about mystery or horror. So, I was pleasantly surprised when I found this collection. 

I like cliches sometimes. There are certain ones I like and I can't help myself. They are like the perfect brownie or a bowl of perfectly buttered popcorn. One of my favorite cliches is that of the "plain" girl, who is most likely brown-haired and described as somewhat chubby, and the awesome sweet guy, who chooses said brown-haired girl over her bombshell blonde friend. After some chasing and misunderstandings, there is a happily ever after. 

Is the story deep? No. Am I going to remember the story years from now? Probably not. Do I still enjoy them? Yes. Definitely. 


If you like contemporary romance and want an even quicker fix - look no further! Don't like romance? Definitely skip.  

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