Sunday, October 5, 2014

Book Spotlight: Brand Legacy

Brand Legacy
by Angela Mayartis Johnson


Brand Legacy is a guide for those who dream of something more than their current occupation, and are considering a change from their present (physical and/or mental) circumstances to their intended future. Through the use of Brandercises (branding exercises), vivid real life stories and key transitional tips, Brand Legacy, educates you on how to understand your value proposition in order to accomplish your dreams. It instructs you on how to live a passion-filled, purpose-driven life that leaves a legacy that communicates your narrative.

About the Author

Angela Mayartis Johnson is a dynamic motivational speaker who successfully redefined her legacy from Marketing Executive to Personal Brand Development Specialist focusing on helping athletes discover their passion, brand their niche and build their legacy. Using clearly defined and applicable techniques in her MBA course work, Angela passionately empowers others to overcome fears and create pathways to their future. Mayartis Brand Academy is a speaking/training forum that was created to develop brands, assist entrepreneurs in realizing their dreams and building their legacy. It is Angela's goal to help individuals define their "Why" and determine their goals, so they can live their dreams and make their mark. 

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