Friday, February 3, 2012

Manga Review (3)

- Yazawa Ai

Nana was a very interesting manga - in the best of ways. The manga I've read has either been romance or action/dark oriented. Nana is an intriguing because it has some romance and humor - but it's just as much about loss and coming-of-age.

Nana Komatsu is a heartsick young girl who has a problem falling for almost any guy around her - which is unfortunate since she's surrounded by the less than favorable kind of men. Nana Osaki is a girl who has grown up pretty much in loneliness, but finds a family in the punk rock band where she is the lead singer. Both of these girls go through many changes in their lives and the both end up in Tokyo, and that is where their story begins. 

Nana has a slow but steady pace throughout it's first volume. The reader does not actually see their first encounter with each other in this volume. It serves as an introduction to each of the Nanas and who they are in reference to their own lives before we learn who they are because of each other. 

I am obviously not a picky manga reader - but I recommend this manga for anyone who enjoys heartfelt (and often heart breaking) stories. This manga also contains adult themes (i.e. sex, complicated relationships) - just so you know. 

This manga is also a movie! As far as I can tell, the movie stays pretty close to the manga - but I have only read the first volume, so I can't be too sure. Either way, I enjoyed both of the movies!

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