Friday, May 11, 2012

Zine Review (4)

Rumlad #5 by Steve


And it's really as simple as that. One word that is often repeated throughout this zine also does the job of describing the work as well. This zine, which is text and illustration heavy, is about Steve's tour around half of the U.S. with his band, Thou. Plenty of intricate illustrations accompany each of the stories, each one serving as a snapshot of the particular memory.

Frankly, I didn't know what to expect from this zine, but what I found was insight into a world that I could never even think to imagine. A world of people making music and friendships - a beautiful chaos. And with lines such as, "As dusk falls, my spirit is lifted somewhat when I spot some fireflies. I really wish we had them back home," it made me think of the quiet moments we all experience, but might not take the time to realize.

The Discovery of the Zewa with an Anatomical Account

This zine is about the "first documented sighting of the zewa (zee'wah) in the world of ideas." And so begins the journey of philosophical elements mixed with childhood dreams and hopes. This zine was written as if the author was on an expedition...and perhaps it was exactly that.

The reader should expect to enter a world where the presence of solitude is explored and the need for others explained. The author talks about how much we need warmth and what happens to the hopeful heart as we try to "grow up."

What are the Zewa? Are they our dreams? Our hopes? Read and see what you end up believing.  

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