Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Review: Audition

"She's like smoke: you think you're seeing her clearly enough but when you reach for her there's nothing there."

Aoyama is a man who, since the death of his wife seven years prior, has not done much dating or even thought of it. That is, until his teenage son, Shige, comments that he might want to think about finding himself someone to be with. 

Neither could imagine, just how literal Aoyama and his film-maker friend, Yoshikawa, would take that advice. Together, they stage an audition for younger women who believe they are hopefuls for a new movie, when in reality, they are auditioning to become Aoyama's new love interest. Enter Yamasaki Asami, a gorgeous ex-ballerina. She's got the looks and voice to die for and it doesn't take long for Aoyama to fall for her. 

But that's only the beginning of the story. 

Audition is a short book (less than 200 pages) that packs a surprising story within its pages. It draws you in with how an individual could possibly find him/herself in this type of situation and then takes you on a roller coaster ride for its riveting conclusion. I had not read any books by Ryu Murakami and all I really had to go on was the fact that I had watched the film adaptation (more about that later) years before. 

Typically, I don't like seeing the movie before the book, but in my defense, I didn't know it was based on a book! Either way, the fact that I saw the movie first did nothing to deter me from picking up the book. I believe that it is the male point of view that makes this book out to be as interesting as it was - that and its final ten pages. Readers of this blog (you are out there, aren't you?) already know that I don't like to give spoilers (and yes I'm aware that there's probably so much I've already said or shown that it's also inevitable), so just take my word for it: if you like Asian horror, horror in general or simply appreciate a great suspense/thriller, this is for you. It's also a quick read (it just takes me forever because its me lol). 

And here's the inevitable recommendation: Audition is a fantastic Asian psychological horror movie based on the book. I saw it a long time ago (and now that I've read the book, I need to watch it again), but I did enjoy it immensely. But remember, this is a horror film so expect blood (just a warning...I mean, look at the book/movie cover...).

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