Thursday, June 7, 2012

Zine Review (6)

Proof I Exist (#15) 
by Billy

This wonderfully written text-heavy zine deals with many of the author's experiences in his every day life. Actually, it's more like taking a glimpse into his personal journal - every thought exposed for us to see. It's truly a brilliant read. 

Some of the topics that are mentioned are the author's experience with insomnia and the realization that everyone (at his workplace, at least) seemed to be taking some sort of medication to go to sleep or stay awake. 

"I floated through my shift, in my own reality."

Another section covers the contemplation of the almost-death of his dog and how it made him think of his beliefs. I thought it was interesting how it lead to thinking about how, even though we like to think that money isn't all that important, moments like these remind us of just how important it can be to our well-being and survival.

There are some beautiful, yet simplistic lines to this zine that just made me smile like an idiot. Like,

"I had fallen in love with a Chicago girl just as I was moving out of Chicago."

It's simple and straightforward, but there it is. An epiphany in ink. 

There are so many tidbits like this in this zine that it made me want more! I believe that anyone interested in catching a glimpse into someone's life would very much enjoy this zine. I most definitely did. 

"[...] I now also realize that whatever you do, if you do it for your own reasons, 
and do it your way, then that is pretty damn cool."

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Last Night at the Casino #1 
by Billy

Yup, this zine is by the same author of Proof I Exist, so you know that I was ecstatic to learn that! It's already been established just how much I enjoy Billy's writing and this zine is no exception to that. It has the same wonderful writing, but a different setting, so to speak. This zine is dedicated to the author's experiences as a dealer at a casino. It's a text-heavy zine about what he experiences while on the job. I've never been one to gamble or be interested in it, so I was worried about my interest in the theme of these zines. On the contrary, it was extremely entertaining! It opened my eyes to a subculture of gamblers, people having fun and the dealers. Not to mention all the other different types of personalities that the author, as well as the reader, encounters.

The zine also had its subtle, really-sneaks-up-on-you, thought-provoking moments because of all those personalities that walked through the casino's doors. I'd recommend this zine to anyone interested in the subculture that is the workplace. And in this case? A more intriguing workplace that most. 

"The reality is that nothing has changed. Well, that's not entirely true. 
[...] the thing that has changed at the stroke of midnight is our attitudes."

Last Night at the Casino #2 
by Billy

In this second issue of this zine, we find Billy at a full-time status as a dealer for the casino. He's six months into his job and still encountering the most interesting of characters. In this zine, we learn about his newly found pet peeve, terminology of the casino and the lessons to be learned while on the job. 

One of the most interesting sections in this issue was Billy's "interpretation" (for lack of a better term!) of gambling addiction. There is almost a tragic beauty to the idea that as humans, we are built to seek something and when we don't get it, confusion follows. 

"I've always loved to gamble, but have always been careful not to love it too much."

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