Friday, May 11, 2012

Zine Review (5)

Echo! Echo! #9 by Keet Geniza

"I wanted that irrevocable proof that, for all her level-headed, practical sense, even she was once in love and vulnerable."

It's beautiful realizations like that which make up this truly enjoyable zine. It did everything from making me wonder what the right way to paint toenails is to relishing the intimacy of personal journal entries. Everything in this zine is just so personal that it makes me feel as if I have stumbled upon an open journal left on someone's bed. There's a section in which she describes her grandmother's home and the nostalgia that comes with explaining the memories and their effects on a physical level. It shows how our memories live under our skin.  Anyone who is interested in the human condition will love this zine. Within its pages are the snippets, the flashbulb moments, of someone's life. 

Everybody Moon Jump #8 by Dave Cave

I don't even know what to quote - it was all quote-worthy. First of all, this zine was different than other zines I've read so far. Its information was given in very unique independent spurts. It leads the reader from thinking about self-image to the observations in the author's life, both past and present. There are plenty of photos and illustrations to accompany the emotions it evokes. The running theme is mental illness, depression to be more specific. Within its almost nightmarish description lies the hope in lines like

"Rome wasn't built in a day and it wasn't built by one person either."


"Unhappiness is the ignition for change."

Reminding me that it's okay to cry, to ask for help - to get better. 

And then he leaves the reader with one final piece of advice...

"And if he can't make you laugh...fucking leave him."

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