Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

I hope my readers are having a great start to their new year!

I, however, am home sick with bronchitis. *sigh* I seem to be getting better, but I do not enjoy missing work like this - even if I do have a doctor's note. See kids? Doesn't matter how old you are - if you're neurotic, you'll be worried about missing work just like you were worried about missing a school day.

But I digress.

Last year, I failed my book challenge of the year (50 books) miserably. I wasn't too bad, but it wasn't good. 

So, for this year, I am going to challenge myself even more! lol I just don't learn. 

I am going to do three challenges - but they cross with each other. One, my Goodreads challenge will be 50 books. Two, I will be trying to complete NPR's 100 Best Ever Teen Novels which I'll be keeping track of on the List Challenges website (it's an awesome website for lists!). And three, I'll be also trying to finish NPR's Top 100 Science-Fiction & Fantasy Books. There are books that are on both lists and I've already read some - so I'm giving myself some leeway. 

I'm excited! What challenges are my readers working on?

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