Friday, February 7, 2014

Top Shelf Short Stories: My Heart is Either Broken

My Heart is Either Broken
by Megan Abbott

I have been skipping around different volumes since I started this short story project (which, btw, aren't you proud I haven't abandoned??? Please leave words of encouragement below haha). However, I was in a coffee house (the "just right" environment) when I started reading this volume and I found myself curious as to how the rest of the stories would be since the first one (see yesterday's post) was awesome. 

Well, I'm so glad I did! Abbott has created an absolutely awesome story that could easily be seen (and has been seen) on the evening news. 

The story is told from Tom's perspective and the reader is thrown right in the middle of his and his wife, Lorie's, horror story. The story revolves around the couple's missing daughter, Shelby. Shelby was last seen with Lorie at a coffee shop. It was apparently at that coffee shop where Lorie asked one of the shop workers, whom Lorie had encountered before, to watch Shelby while she cleaned up in the restroom. When Lorie came out, Shelby and the worker were no where to be seen.

So started the couple's horror. What makes it worse is that from day one, Lorie is the main suspect. This is something Tom finds impossible...until Lorrie starts going to bars dressed as if she were 10 years younger and begins sunbathing in a bikini in the front yard. Then Tom starts remembering details from their past - details he wishes he didn't remember. 

And that's as far as I can go because, damn, this story is really great! It's sad and creepy - a total chiller. Of course, the concept is disturbing, but trust me when I say that what the reader thinks is happening is not the final story. 


If you like chillers and mysteries, this one is for you. Dangerous women indeed. Take caution, definitely adult themes involved. Think sex, chilling ideas, etc. 

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